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Unveiling the Heartbeat of our Community on Everything Frederick LIVE! 

Everything Frederick LIVE, presented by Promo Circus, is a channel on You Tube dedicated to fun, interactive and engaging programming.   The channel’s flagship program, “Good Morning Frederick,” showcases local businesses, nonprofits and people who make Frederick County extraordinary.  You can watch “Good Morning Frederick,” weekday mornings at 9am on YouTube, Facebook and Linked In. 

Be A Part to Help Local Businesses


Supporting local businesses and nonprofits takes all forms. You can give money by purchasing from a local business. You can donate time and/or money to a local nonprofit. 

You can also support them on social media. Follow their pages. Like their content. Share them into relevant groups or on your own timeline. These things are free to do but have the power to increase the reach that may impact that entity tremendously.

So we ask you to Watch the content. Engage with the content by liking and commenting. And Share the content so others have the chance to learn. This is how we make a strong community of businesses, people and nonprofits which ultimately continues to make Frederick County the best place to live hands down!

Want to be featured on the show?

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Good Morning Frederick

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