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Limited Budgets and Crowded Marketplace

Small businesses often face a trio of critical challenges in their marketing efforts: limited budgets that restrict their advertising reach, difficulty in differentiating themselves in a competitive market, and a lack of expertise in efficiently managing marketing campaigns. These challenges can hinder growth and diminish the impact of their promotional activities.

  • Budget Constraints: Many small businesses operate with tight marketing budgets, making it difficult to compete with larger companies in advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Market Differentiation: Standing out in a crowded marketplace is crucial yet challenging for small businesses. They need creative and unique promotional strategies to capture the attention of potential customers.
  • Expertise Shortage: Without dedicated marketing professionals, small businesses often struggle to plan, execute, and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, potentially leading to suboptimal results.

Stretch Every Dollar

Elevate Your Impact with a Tailored Solution

Promo Circus understands these challenges and offers cost-effective, creative solutions tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. Our services help maximize the impact of each marketing dollar spent, ensure standout promotions that attract and retain customers, and provide the necessary tools and guidance to manage campaigns effectively. By partnering with Promo Circus, small businesses can overcome these hurdles and achieve greater marketing success.

Maximize Your Margins

Turn Every Dollar into Profit with Targeted Marketing Solutions

Small businesses often operate with tight budgets, making every investment crucial. By harnessing the power of strategic promotions, small businesses can see a significant return on investment (ROI). Promo Circus specializes in crafting marketing campaigns that not only fit your budget but are also designed to maximize impact, ensuring that each dollar spent works harder for you.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Elite 1-on-1

This is a fabulous option to get constructive feedback about your current marketing plan and brand strategy.
  • Full 1 hour consultation (in person or virtual)
  • Within 48 hours receive customized feedback
  • Get 3 ideas to implement immediately

Add On Hours

Need some additional hours added to your plan? No problem!
  • Full 1 hour consultation (in person or virtual)
  • Can select as many hours as you think you'll need
  • Hours can be used over any time period

Premium Pro

Have a marketing pro in your pocket each month!
  • 6 Hours Virtual Consultation Per Month (add'l hours available for purchase)
  • Customized feedback or brainstorming each month
  • 1 New Promotional idea each month
  • Assistance with Social Media Planning
  • Assistance Establishing or Growing Text Database
  • Other assistance as needed
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