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Staffing Gaps
in Radio

Radio stations are increasingly challenged by staffing cuts that leave critical marketing roles, like promotions directors, unfilled. This lack of expertise not only jeopardizes the effectiveness of promotional campaigns but also significantly impacts non-traditional revenue streams that are crucial for financial stability. Hiring experienced promotions directors may not be in the budget. However, utilizing staff without proper marketing and events planning experience, can result in even greater financial losses.

  • Staffing Shortfalls
  • Revenue Risks
  • Cost Concerns

Tailored Radio Promotions

Turn Up the Volume: Promo Circus Can Help!

Promo Circus offers strategic solutions by providing expert promotional services tailored to the unique needs of radio stations. Our approach helps bridge the gap in expertise, ensuring that promotions are not only creative and engaging but also strategically aligned to boost revenue effectively. And our plans offer a few cost-effective alternatives to hiring a full-time promotions director. It’s a Win-Win!

Tailored, Impactful Campaigns

Maximizing Profit Margins

The Promo Circus daily emails deliver innovative promotional ideas that are both actionable and designed to capture the unique spirit of each station’s brand and audience. By implementing these suggestions, stations can enhance listener engagement, attract new audiences, and open up lucrative sponsorship opportunities. This strategic approach not only bolsters traditional revenue streams but also taps into non-traditional ones. Transform your promotional activities into high-yield investments.

Flexible Pricing Plans

In Stereo

Get Yourself Access to a Promotions Pro Every Month!
  • 1 Hour Virtual Consultation per month (add'l hours available for purchase)
  • Assistance Customizing 1 Daily Promotional Idea each month
  • Assistance Creating 1 Sponsorship Package each month
  • Creation of 1 Branded "One-Sheet" each month

High Definition

Access to a Virtual Promotions Director
  • 6 Hours Virtual Consultation per month (add'l hours available for purchase)
  • Customization of 1 Daily Promotional Idea per month
  • Creation of Customized Sponsorship Package
  • Creation of up to 4 Promotional Social Media Posts
  • Creation of Customized, Branded "One Sheet"
  • Assistance Establishing or Growing Text Database
  • Assistance Establishing or Growing Newsletter Database
  • Assistance Procuring Promotional Products at the Best Price
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